stuff i like

A non-exhaustive list of things I’ve enjoyed lately.


Brazen by Pénélope Bagieu – a graphic (as in, novel, not as in content, although a little) non fiction book about rad women. I didn’t know a lot of them. I got it for Bookmas and loved it.

The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin – four siblings find out when they’re going to die. They each get a turn having their stories told, and the writing is lovely.

NeuroTribes by Steve Silberman – the history of autism and its impact on society. Fascinating and sad, but hopeful, too. Neurodiversity is a really important thing to consider.


Sex Education, She-Ra, and Tuca and Bertie. All on Netflix. I watched Sex Education with my partner, and Eric steals the show if you ask me. I’m watching She-Ra on Fridays with my eldest, and we are both totally hooked. Tuca and Bertie is really weird and I watch it by myself, but it’s sweet and fun.


Still making sourdough, though with slightly less frequency. It’s delicious.

I finished knitting another sweater, and it’s the perfect basic sweatshirt. So cozy and the fit is great. I love it. The pattern is Mossbank and the yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.

No picture for the last thing because no, but my final item is weightlifting. I joined the gym in November and have been steadily working on my strength. I can deadlift 125 pounds for reps and bench 65. My squats are ok but still need work. It’s all but solved my back pain, and it’s thrilling to see myself making progress.