September 2022

A picture of the book All Systems Red by Martha wells (a greyscale image of a human-shaped "security unit" in armour) on a red background

As I once again resuscitate my website, I decided to make a list of my current favourite things and/or hyperfixations. Some of these are things about which I could easily write many words, and some are just my personal trends.

Food-wise, I’m in a bit of a rut, but it is September so I am making a lot of fall-type foods that start with onions/carrots/celery/garlic and then become warm and filling and comforting. I’ve started calling them either hobbit food or Link food, because certain young people are more inclined to eat them. I am a big fan of using a LARP or cosplay mentality to make everyday life more bearable.

I am fully hyperfixated on perfecting my jeans sewing these days, and have made a great deal of progress in creating a pattern that absolutely does not resemble the original. Fiddly technical sewing, solving the problems that arise, and improving my skills are all things that make my brain light up and time just sort of slides away. I sewed my first pair of jeans when I was pregnant and extra-long maternity jeans were impossibly expensive; now I’ve made probably 8 pairs. I have some exciting raw denim on the way for what will probably not be the ultimate pair but I think it will be close.

Over the summer I started going on long walks; the trick, which I learned from Twitter, is to have an audiobook that is only allowed on walks so that I am motivated to go. I got the Scribd app at the start of the pandemic and it has been so great for all of us. I discovered The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells, and much like Murderbot itself with The Rise and Fall of Sanctuary Moon, it has become my comfort media and I keep listening to all six books on a loop. I may write a full-on essay about the things that I love about it.

This one seems to be on the wane, but I played a lot of Animal Crossing over the summer. If only I could live on a lovely island where my house stays clean, everyone is always happy to see me, and money literally grows on trees.

That’s all I can think of for now; I will report back when they change. For now, I welcome the return of chilly mornings, golden leaves, and the routine of kids in school. Fall is wonderful.