Tag: reading

  • September 2022

    As I once again resuscitate my website, I decided to make a list of my current favourite things and/or hyperfixations. Some of these are things about which I could easily write many words, and some are just my personal trends. Food-wise, I’m in a bit of a rut, but it is September so I am […]

  • cozy stories

    I’m on a cozy mystery kick lately. My top three: Agatha Christie (the master), Miss Fisher, and Flavia de Luce. I like them because I can read them really quickly, and they tick one of my favourite boxes: “wasting” a big chunk of time on a book. Since I learned to read I have loved […]

  • books: january twenty nineteen

    I’m going to start a new feature where I list the books I read, both by myself with my kids each month. I have two extreme readers who are well ahead of their grade levels (4 and 1), and one kindergartener who is just starting to learn, so it’s a range of novels to picture […]