suiting up

It’s fucking freezing outside. I know I said in yesterday’s post that it gets colder where I grew up, but that doesn’t negate that -30°C with an extra -10° of wind chill is bitter AF. Living in this climate requires a level of clothing that I have two feelings about: one is that it builds… Continue reading suiting up


I live in Winnipeg. Lots of people call it Winterpeg because it’s accurate. And in the winter, there’s a lot of bitching and whining about the weather – too cold, too windy, too much snow, not enough snow, too sunny, too grey, too icy – no matter what the weather is, somebody hates it. That’s… Continue reading cold


This fall, the stars aligned and my partner and I were able to go to Ireland. It was as perfect as it was possible for a trip to be; we saw ruins, our bus got stuck in a sheep traffic jam, we stood in Trinity Library, we had Guinness, we traipsed around a forest that… Continue reading sundays

finished, again

I finished another draft of my novel today. Finished is a funny word, because it’s not anywhere close to finished-for-real, but it’s completed another phase of the process of trying to get it into a real live book that someday a stranger will buy in a bookstore and read. And as much as I love… Continue reading finished, again

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no pressure

At last, at last, I have writing time again. The kids are back in school and I have long, glorious mornings of time to use as I see fit, and I plan to use it to plow through the final edits of this novel. With luck, I’ll be finished by Christmas.  This summer had a… Continue reading no pressure

back to it

It’s September first. The days are still warm but the nights are chilly; people are adding nutmeg to everything they can think of; the yarn stores are entering their busy season. School has started for some people, and for us it starts on Wednesday. I, like many, love the back to school feelings – unblemished… Continue reading back to it


Hello, it’s been a while! I’ve decided that this year I am choosing a word of the year, and setting related goals. I’m not going to pretend that this isn’t New Year’s resolutions, a thing that I do every year even when I say I’m not going to. Every year I think *this* will be… Continue reading brave

before and after

It’s difficult to be in the midst of a tough time in our culture. We put a great deal of value on before and afters, on skipping through the tough work with a montage set to a soundtrack, and therefore making it difficult to live in the moments that don’t show a dramatic transformation. There… Continue reading before and after


I resist change. It’s totally normal; our brains are geared for homeostasis, or keeping things the same, because change is scary and unknown and a threat to survival. Homeostasis keeps us safe, but can also keep us trapped. And I’m feeling trapped. I’ve been at home with my kids for almost eight years. I don’t… Continue reading change


I thrive in a routine-driven environment. I love to know what is going to happen. I live and die by my planner, and my mental health is directly linked to how on top of my habits I am. When it comes to my writing, I am my most productive when I have a schedule that I follow.… Continue reading routines